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CSSA AGM Thursday 11th April 2019

The 2019 Annual General Meeting will provisionally be held at the Civil Service Club, 13-15 Great Scotland Yard, Westminster, London SW1A 2HJ on Thursday 11th April 2019, starting at 18:15. All members are invited to attend.


1. Presentation of awards and trophies
2. Commodore’s address
3. Minutes of the 60th AGM held on 17th April 2018
4. Adoption of the Annual Report for 2018
5. Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of 2018 Annual Accounts
6. Election of Officers and Committee Members 1
7. Appointment of Auditor

1A list of proposed committee members can be downloaded here.

In addition, the following motions have been proposed and will be put to the AGM:

  1. “If, on the advice of CSSA’s lawyers, it is necessary to establish a company limited by guarantee for the purpose of receiving and dealing with monies resulting from a bequest made by Maurice Smith Gates, a former member of the Association, then this meeting authorises the General Committee to do so.  In that event the Committee shall be further guided by advice from CSSA’s lawyers.”
    Proposed by Brian Grubb, Hon Treasurer, 31 December 2018
    Seconded by Brian Stevenson, General Secretary, 31 December 2018

    A fuller explanation can be downloaded here

  2. In the interests of inclusivity and encouraging membership participation in the running of CSSA, the period taken to call for and process AGM motions and nominations should be kept as short as possible.
    The proposal is to change the constitution such that “Nominations and motions are required by 14th February.”
    The December/January edition of CS Sailing can be used to provide notification of the AGM, as now, and additionally invite nominations and motions.
    A deadline of mid-February for receipt of nominations and motions allows use of the March issue of CS Sailing to report those received at least fourteen days ahead of the AGM in accordance with the current constitution, that is, to reach members at least fourteen days before the AGM date. Delivery of CS Sailing would be required by mid-March if the AGM is held in the first few days of April.
    If necessary, the General Secretary can deliver notifications as required by the constitution using means other than CS Sailing.

    Full text of the motion can be downloaded here

There will be a buffet in the bar afterwards. All are welcome.

The Civil Service Offshore Racing Club (CSORC) AGM will be held after the CSSA AGM in the same venue.

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