The government roadmap summary is available to read here.

RYA latest guidance

The government has published the ‘COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021’, setting out the roadmap out of the current lockdown for England. The Devolved Administration are setting out how lockdown will be eased in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To help outline what the next steps mean for sailing, RYA have developed a roadmap for the return of recreational boating in England, setting out their current understanding of what each step means for sailing.

The RYA Roadmap can be downloaded here.

FAQs based on what RYA believes the guidance means for recreational boating in England will be updated as we move step by step through the Government’s plan to ease restrictions in England.

RYA FAQs can be downloaded here.

The Devolved Administrations are setting out how lockdown will be eased around the UK and RYA Scotland, RYA Cymru Wales and RYA Northern Ireland remain engaged with officials on the safe return to water in each devolved nation.

(revised 11th March 2021)

CSSA Policy

CSSA members and Clubs should help delay transmission of COVID-19 during permitted activities by following government guidance for the territory and adapting as guidance develops.

  • Maintenance and private use of members’ equipment is subject to compliance with government guidelines.
  • Maintenance and use of Club equipment and premises is subject to compliance with government guidelines.
  • Members required to self-isolate (because of symptoms of COVID-19 in their household or because of their own susceptibility) must stay away from Club facilities.
  • CSSA events should be held and managed in accordance with government guidance.

Club arrangements should manage risks and prevent transmission through use of Club buildings and equipment.

RYA guidance for each of our home nations is helpful and has been regularly updated –

Disruption is likely to continue for some time; let’s continue to help those that help us.
Stay safe and look out for one another.

CSSA Management Group

(revised 25th September 2020)