London Calling … Summer 2018 – Sail Taster Evenings


London – Home of Littleton Sailing Club

Go on get ready to dip a toe into sailing with the keen support of Littleton Sailing Club.  Littleton has a long successful record of taking someone from “I want to try sailing” to accomplished sailors that tackle the best of “British” weather and sail the seven seas in anything that will float!

The key “ingredient” is your interest in sailing and our great tasters sessions that we have scheduled to help you make the first step into sailing…. Read on!

Step One – Sail Taster Evening Sessons!

Littleton’s evening taster sessions for 2018 commence on Wedensday 20th June. Full details are published on their website Littleton Taster Sessions for 2018 This page also has links on it to book yourself a slot.

For those who decide to take things further Littleton are waiving the £50 joining fee that day so CSSA members join for £102 (Adult), £40 (Young Adult 18-26).

As the season progresses they have organised a great series of evening sailing taster event running through out our “warmer” months:

Having personally taken up the offer in the past to attend the sail taster days you will be made very welcome and you will be allocated an experience skipper for your taster day that will work with you and ensure you get as much out of the day as you are prepared to tryout.


Stepping up – Training to support your sailing ambitions!

Sail taster days are a good way to meet the club members and check out the facilities at Littleton but there is much more to offer after you have taken your first steps into sailing. Littleton offer a wider variety of training courses to help develop your sailing skills using RYA structured courses and syllabus.

RYA Training Centre

The Littleton courses for 2018 are as follows:

RYA Level 1 and 2:

  • Course #1: 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th May   – Course cost: £120
  • Course #2: 23rd, 24th, 30th June, 1st July  – Course cost: £120
  • Course #3: 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st August   –  Course cost: £120
  • Course #4: 29th, 30th Sept, 6th, 7th Oct   – Course cost: £120

RYA Level 3:

  • Course dates: 7th – 8th July                      –  Course cost: £60

Seamanship Skills Course

  • Course dates: 5th-6th May                      – Course cost: £60

Information and application forms are available at – Littleton Sailing Club – Learn to sail

Please give it a go!

Andrew Moore

Volunteer webmaster - supporting the upkeep of the CSSA Web site