SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus – CSSA policy

CSSA members and clubs should follow government guidance as it develops.

Our CSSA activities, if any, during the ‘delay phase’ should:

  • maintain at least 2m distance between members;
  • discourage use of Club buildings and any indoor activity;

Disinfect club buildings and equipment to minimise transmission of COVID19.
Members required to self-isolate should stay away from club facilities.
Maintenance and private use of members’ equipment is acceptable within government guidelines.
Maintenance of club equipment and premises is acceptable within government guidelines.
All social events should be suspended until government guidance permits recommencement.

Disruption is unlikely to be short-lived.
Experts predict that millions could require hospitalisation over the coming months – let’s help those who help us.Stay safe and look out for one another.

CSSA Management Group