5 Kingdoms Sailing Club AGM 12th November – bring your ideas

Notice of the 18th Annual General Meeting of Five Kingdoms Sailing Club

The 18th Annual General Meeting of the 5 Kingdoms Sailing Club will be held at Liverpool Marina Quayside Bar and Grill, Coburg Wharf, Sefton Street, Liverpool, L3 4BP, from 12.00 until 13:00 on Saturday 12th November 2016.

• Opening
• Apologies
• Minutes of the AGM of 7th November 2015
• Matters arising from the minutes
• Captain’s report
• Treasurer’s report
• Election of an accounts examiner for 2017
• Debate of motions received
• Election/Appointment of Officers and Committee Members for 2017

Proposed motions should reach secretary@5ksc.org.uk by 12th October 2016.

Nominations to the Committee for 2017
Nominations are invited for Vice-Captain (Captain elect), Secretary, Treasurer, Crew Bureau and five Members. Nominations for the Committee should be sent to secretary@5ksc.org.uk by 12th October 2016 indicating the proposer, seconder, and agreement of the nominee to hold post – a thread of e-mails is sufficient.

What do you want from Ynot in 2017?
After lunch we will assemble Ynot’s schedule for 2017. If you can’t join us you can ensure the programme includes the opportunities you seek by emailing crew_bureau@5ksc.org.uk.

We will discuss our experiences of Ynot in this first season to identify tweaks that can be made to fine tune her to members’ wishes – crew manuals, inventory, gear stowage, instruments, etc. Bring your ideas.

Yacht familiarisations and skills honing 

We can provide a basic tour for your yacht familiarisation on AGM day. To gain a full appreciation of Ynot and her equipment it is best to join a skills honing day when you can sail with people who know Ynot well and share ideas on how to get the best out of her.

Any topic can be covered. Popular topics include marina handling, flying the asymmetric spinnaker, and getting the best from the plotter. More general topics can also be discussed such as favourite spots to visit in 5KSC’s cruising grounds, pilotage, log-keeping, following SOLAS V, etc.

Andrew Moore

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